USB Bombshell MP3 Player

USB Bombshell MP3 Player

If you’re looking for more of an explosive experience from your next MP3 player, check out the USB Bombshell MP3 Player. Yeah, I’m just gonna say it and get it over with. It’s the bomb. We were all thinking it. Now we can move on.

USB Bombshell MP3 Player Image

This MP3 player is made to look like it’s wrapped in dynamite and even has several fuses wrapped together on top, making it look as if you could just slap this baby on some surface and blow it up. But the only thing it will be blowing up are your tunes. It’s a portable speaker as well as a radio and MP3 player and it has a built-in USB port and SD card Slot.

Just don’t play any jokes on people with this one, people don’t take kindly to fake dynamite pranks. How much would you expect to pay for a dynamite shrouded MP3 player? It will cost you just $43 from Brando.

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