Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler

Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler

Sometimes the simplest things can become the creepiest after they’ve been merged together. The Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler is a perfect example because this guy is about as creepy as you can get. He’s even wearing a business suit but that doesn’t help; as a matter of fact, it makes things worse.

If you need a little extra something in your car to make people think twice about bumming a ride, this 6-inch-tall, hard vinyl figure with the nodding head should provide you with all the freedom you need. Will co-workers ask to carpool if they have to stare at this thing as they munch on their morning doughnut? No. Will the kids ask for a ride to school? Of course not. For the first time in a long time, the car is finally 100% yours… except for the horse-headed guy staring at you, wisely nodding and shaking his head to questions that haven’t been asked.

The Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler is available for $7.50 at and $8.99 at

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