Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler

Sometimes the simplest things can become the creepiest after they’ve been merged together. The Creepy Horse Man Dashboard Wiggler is a perfect example because this guy is about as creepy as you can get. He’s even wearing a business suit but that doesn’t help; as […]

Daddle The Dad Saddle

Daddle: The Dad Saddle

Most dads are more than happy to give their kids piggyback rides. When their own flesh and blood looks up at you with those wide, innocent, and pleading eyes, who could say no? Now here’s something that could make the ride more satisfying and comfortable […]

Horsey Bike Design

Horsey Bike

What do you get someone who has always wanted a horse, but has no stable to house it in? Aside from the fact that it takes a lot of work to take care of a horse, there’s just no place for it in the big […]