Creepy Cereal Art Prints

Creepy Cereal Art - Count Chocula

Breakfast just got scarier with the Creepy Cereal Art Prints featuring some well-known cereal icons under a dark and distorted lens.

Artist Mike Burns must have been forced to eat cereal as a child. That’s the only reason I can think of for turning lovable cereal monsters into creatures that could give you nightmares. Each 12″ x 14″ print features once-lovable figures in scenes that might possibly kill your appetite.

We discover that Count Chocula does indeed love chocolate but his taste in cake toppers leaves a lot to be desired, while Frankenberry witnesses a macabre fruity transfusion.

Creepy Cereal Art - Frankenberry

Meanwhile, ghostly Boo Berry wanders around just looking for someone to love.

Creepy Cereal Art - Boo Berry

They’re creepy. They’re ghastly. They’re disturbing. You know you want them.

The Creepy Cereal Art Prints are available for $20 each at InPRNT. Choose from Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry.

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