Star Trek Cupcake Toppers

Star Trek Cupcake Toppers

What do Star Trek and cupcakes have in common? They’re sweeeeet! Next time you decide to make cupcakes for the Trekkies in your life, decorate them with these no-nonsense Star Trek Cupcake Toppers.

Star Trek Cupcake Toppers

Entertain with your favorite crew of the Starship Enterprise! Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura and Sulu look smashing atop any sweet treat or jabbed through a beautiful batch of BLT’s.

My toppers are one-sided and are constructed of thin cardstock. Each face measures approx. 1.75″ tall. You will receive 1 set of 12.

Caution: These are not toys and should never be given to children under 3.

You can see that each topper represents your favorite ST characters in their best light and expressions. Imagine a wedding cake topped with Spock and Uhura, how romantic! Or an Enterprise birthday cake featuring all comrades along the words “Live Love and Prosper” written in icing.

Cupcakes will be disappearing at warp speed Mr. Sulu, once they’ve got these Star Trek Cupcake Toppers on ’em. Made by Etsy vendor, The Blissful Baker, one set of toppers includes a dozen (doubles of all the six characters listed above) for $8.

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