Bike Seat Cover Knitting Kit

Bike Seat Cover Knitting Kit

Knitting a sweater is something I could never fathom doing. But knitting a bike seat cover; now that sounds feasible. The Bike Seat Cover Knitting Kit has all you need to make a colorful knitted bike seat cover that will undoubtedly become an object of envy.

At this time of year, I’m not too concerned about my tush getting cold on my bike seat. However, I would proudly use a bike seat cover to hide the ugly wear and tear of my very old bike seat and give my ride a whole new look. What could be more rewarding than creating something practical for yourself with your own two hands?

Bike Seat Knitting Kit

Get your crafting fingers ready for this adorable bike seat cover knitting project. Perfect for your fave hispter, DIY’er or anyone who likes cute stuff. Kit includes one ball of yarn, needles and easy instructions. No more cold butts! 9″x6″x2″

Why settle for boring black bike seats when you can have a cushy, handmade rainbow-colored seat? Make your own with the Bike Seat Cover Knitting Kit. It’s only $12 at FredFlare.

Don’t ask me why knitting is suddenly considered a cool craft among young people. Somehow, knitting has been promoted to a hobby that isn’t strictly for grannies anymore. We’ve featured a lot of cool (but warm) knitted items on GeekAlerts, including a DnD Dragon Dice Bag, a Knitted Dragon Scarf, a Cthulhu Ski Mask, and even a Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend kit.

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