Bandai Tamagotchi iD L Digital Pet

Bandai Tamagotchi iD L Digital Pet

It’s always fun to get preliminary exposure to the fun electronics that come out of Asia, so we’re giving you a glimpse at the Bandai Tamagotchi iD L Digital Pet from Japan.

Keeping up with the times, these egg-shaped gizmos have some decorative sparkles on them and come in six different colors. Get to know and love all 32 characters that live within each egg, and control a virtual society in the palm of your hands. The iD L is also packed with games and cartoon-like scenery to keep you entertained for hours. The images on the tiny screen are sharp and colorful, making characters easy to see and interact with, and there are only three buttons to get things moving. So whether you can read Japanese or not, my guess is that it wouldn’t take long before figuring out what each button does.

The Tamagotchi iD L is the latest model in Bandai’s series, exclusive to Japan. The world’s most famous handheld digital pet just got even better, with this release available in SIX cute colors and featuring THIRTY-TWO virtual Tamatomo characters.

  • Colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, green
  • 32 Tamatomo characters
  • Features include: swapping items, taking photos together, proposing marriage
  • Power: AAA batteries x2 (included)
  • Instruction manual: Japanese (but self-explanatory)

The iD L came out last year but since it’s mainly meant to be sold in Japan, it’s all pretty new to us Westerners. Tamagotchi Pets were really popular worldwide at one point, so who knows what’ll become of this suped-up iD L version. It’s a nice alternative to give to kids if you don’t want them tampering with your smart phone or tablets all the time.

You can find the Bandai Tamagotchi iD L Digital Pet in blue, pink, purple, white, green and yellow at the Japan Trend Shop or on Amazon. Prices tend to range roughly from somewhere between $50-$100.

Another digital toy from the same company is the Bandai SmartPet Robot Dog, which turns your iPhone into an electronic dog.

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