Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

Japan has experienced its fair share of natural disasters, so it’s no surprise that the Japanese have created such gear as the Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket.

But we’re all subjected to emergency situations when we have to get the hell out of dodge, and many of us would rather die than abandon our beloved pets. So when emergency strikes, it’s better to be prepared for survival and to plan for the worst.

The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket

  • Japan Firefighting Association-certified flame-retardant jacket
  • Materials: polyester (base cloth), polyurethane (outer shell), fireproof acrylic (lining)
  • Heavy-duty carry handle, and double-duty strap/leash
  • Pet supplies: food bowl, muzzle, hermetically sealed odor control bag (for any items distressing the pet), protective rain hood and rubber booties, freezer gel packs (to control heat), bell, waterproof ID capsule with blank paper
  • Human/pet supplies: 50mL sealed water packs for drinking or disinfecting, nutrition bars, bandages, aromatic oil (for calming panic), first-aid gloves, mini-radio, emergency whistle
  • Number of water packs and energy bars vary; see size chart for details

Pets freak too when disaster strikes. The jacket is made of firefighter-grade, flame-retardant fabric that will also insulate your pet during shock. It doesn’t look half bad, either. The only challenge might be trying to convince Fido to wear the thing, but the jacket’s no-hassle design with Velcro attachments is user-friendly.

The handle on the back of the jacket provides for quick and easy transport during evacuation. The best feature of the jacket is that it’s loaded with essential first-aid and nutritional supplies for both pet and human, including packets of water. If you could leave the house with only one item, let it be your pet wearing this jacket.

The Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket is $540 at the Japan Trend Shop.

Doggles are also ideal for protecting your dog’s eyes, but there might not be time for that.

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