Emergency Meow Button

Emergency Meow Button

There are so many emergencies we have to tend to in life. Luckily, others have come up with solutions to try to help us get through these rough and tough times. Running low on cash? Give yourself the allusion of cashing in with Kaching Button. Feeling down and low? Just push the Emergency Affirmation Button for a quick pick-me-up. And for those times when you’re feeling lonely and sad and just miss your cat, give the Emergency Meow Button a quick push.

The Emergency Meow Button will give a resounding “Meow!” with every press. This would make a quirky and fun gift for the ultimate cat lover.

I wish they’ll make an Emergency Bark Button soon. You know, just in case.

Emergency Meow Button

Know a cat lover at work who can’t go all day without calling her house so she can let her cats hear voice on the answering machine? Then get them the Emergency Meow Button. The perfect gift for any fans of felines, this very funny talking button will let loose a cat meow sound to help them make it through the day away from their little fur ball. We have yet to meet a cat lover who hasn’t fallen in love with this great item.

The Emergency Meow Button. If it sounded any more realistic, it would use the litter box.

The Emergency Meow Button is available from Baron Bob’s for $11.95.

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