The Kaching Button

Here’s another one of those novelty, but not-completely-useful, gadgets that I just want to get my hands on. I’m sure you don’t live in a cave and have watched some game shows that involved giving away some cash as the prize. Notice the “Cha-ching!” every time one of the contestants wins some cash? Well, now you can replicate that sound and play it every time with The Kaching Button.

Run your own game show at home, hit the button when you’re bored, do it just to annoy friends, play the sound and pretend that you just won some cash–the sky’s the limit when you’ve got The Kaching Button. Just give it a push and watch the magic happen.

The Kaching Button

Perfectly at home on your desk or in your bathroom, the original Kaching ButtonTM will make you smile with every KaChing! sound it makes. Simply push the button and imagine money filling your bank account.

The Kaching Button is available from for $9.95.  Here are other novelty buttons: Emergency Reboot Button and Emergency Yodel Button.

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