Bullsh*t Button


Having a particularly rough day? Feel like cursing everyone and everything who’s doing all this bad stuff to you? Then let the Bullsh*t Button do all the talking for you by giving it a good push (or pounding) or two.

Of course, we recommend that you hit the Emergency Affirmation Button after hitting the Bullsh*t Button, just to inject a little bit of positivity to your day, no matter what happened earlier. Who knows? You could be hitting the Kaching Button next.

Bullshit Button

Bullshit Button

Press the BS Bullsh*t Button and put Uncle BS and his lies about his new Maserati in his place! Perfect for use at the office as well!

The R-Rated Bullsh*t Button says 6+ short phrases including:

  • Bullsh*t detected take precautions.
  • Wailing Horn Sound* That was bullshit!
  • Bullsh*t level Defcon 5!
  • and more.

The Bullsh*t Button is available from Baron Bob for $7.95.

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