Doggles Eyewear for Dogs


It’s hard to live without shades, because they protect our eyes from the wind and harmful UV rays. Sunglasses also hide our blood-shot eyes strained from hours of computer use, video gaming and staying up too late. Most importantly, they usually give us an extra ounce of swagger. Since dogs are our most loyal, loving sidekicks and companions, they too deserve to have their eyes protected from outdoor elements and look hip. The folks at Doggles realized this a while ago, and have created special glasses for dogs; the latest ones being the Doggles ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) model.

Doggles Dog GogglesDogs are often times more active and rambunctious than us, so that’s why the shatterproof, interchangeable lenses come in handy. The elastic straps comfortably hold the glasses on a dog’s head and are adjustable for the perfect fit.

If your dog likes to go for rides and stick his head out the car window, his Doggles would only enhance his view.

Doggles Features

  • All Doggles have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris
  • The wrap around frames completely enclose the eyes with no gaps for stray light or foreign objects
  • Two adjustable elastic straps keep Doggles on securely during any activity

Vet-recommended and worn by search and rescue dogs, the Doggles ILS glasses start at $14.99 at and come in a variety of sizes and colors, like Chrome, Black, Red, just to name a few. Doggles ILS are also available at for £19.99 with free delivery.

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