Automatic Laser Toy for Pets

Cat Laser

If you own a cat or a dog, you are probably aware of the fact that they love to chase laser beams. If you are too lazy to use a laser pointer, which up until now was the number one pet playing laziness activity, here is a gadget that will do the work for you. It might feel a bit scary, though, not being able to make sure the beam doesn’t get in the eyes.

A laser is beamed and rotated around the floor so your cat or dog doesn’t end up chasing their tale. But wait, that could get a bit repetitive couldn’t it? With variable speed settings and 16 fun and random play combinations, it’s unthinkable that the Dart FroliCat/RouseDog will run out of steam, although your pet might after an extensive workout.

Here is a video clip showing the cats and dogs laser toy in action:

The Dart FroliCat/RouseDog is available over at the Gizoo website for £34.95 (about $56).

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