PAWSE Automatic Dog Leash

PAWSE Automatic Dog Leash

You can take your pet from off-leash to on-leash in the blink of an eye with the PAWSE Automatic Dog Leash.

Most cities have leash laws these days but you can usually find a nice park or something that allows your furry friend to run free for a little while. In the meantime, you’re stuck holding the leash.

This pet-loving invention lets the collar do the work for you. The PAWSE is a small, lightweight device that contains a short leash inside it that’s strong enough to pull a small car. When you’re ready to let your four-legged pal go without a leash, just let it retract into its housing, leaving only the handle out. It’s made to attach to almost any collar so there’s no need to do away with the collar your dog is currently wearing.

PAWSE The Automatic Dog Leash

The PAWSE Automatic Dog Leash is currently on Kickstarter, with an end date of December 5, 2014. You can help support the product with a pledge of $25, which gets you one PAWSE, with shipping included in the price. You can also pledge as low as $5 (just to help make the product a reality) or as high as $800+, which gets you 2 PAWSE leashes, 2 collars, and a San Diego Beach Tour and Lunch with Matt Libby, the inventor of of PAWSE.

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  1. This is like those retractable leashes that people like to use. You know, the ones that cause more injuries than regular leashes due to the small size of the string (NOT a leash) becoming wrapped around body parts-paws, fingers, arms, etc.-and causing rope burns or worse. This is not a good idea for a product.

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