Super Collar

Super Collar

What every responsible pet owner needs to invest in is a good dog collar. You know, one that’s snug and comfortable, yet super strong at the same time. Collars like that are hard to come by. They’re either too flimsy or make things too rough or uncomfortable for your dog. But the Super Collar is at neither of these extremes; in fact, I think it’s as close to perfect as it can get.

The Super Collar is exactly what it’s name implies: it’s a super strong collar. And it’s not just a collar–it’s also got a leash, which you can just pull out when you’re walking your dog. So exactly how strong is the Strong Collar? Well, just imagine this: it’s strong enough to tow a car away. Yessirree, it’s that strong.

Super Collar

Super Collar

SuperCollar is an innovative collar and leash hybrid. Developed by an emergency vet and an award-winning design engineering firm, SuperCollar will eliminate your need for a traditional leash. When you need to walk your dog, just release the safety lock on the collar and pull out the retractable 36-inch leash. SuperCollar is strong, durable, waterproof, and features enough strength to tow a car. Yep, the cables for the leash have over 100 pounds of break strength each!

  • Innovative collar and leash hybrid
  • Replaces your traditional collar and leash

The Super Collar is available for purchase online from ThinkGeek for $39.99. For medium and large dogs, the collar is priced at $49.99.

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  1. I need to buy the SUPER COLLAR, in a size LARGE for my 70+POUND STANDARD POODLE, how can I buy 1 or two of these collars? Can you email me a hotlink or URL so I can buy them?

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