Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

So you’re looking pretty fine as you stand by the bar and scout the wedding reception for pretty ladies. One by one, they pass and momentarily, their eye flick over to your neck area. After four or five women doing the same, you glance down and see that you’ve got one of the worst fashion turnoffs that make women think you’re too lazy to iron your shirts: the floppy collar. Sometimes, it’s inevitable. No matter how much you starch and iron that shirt, somehow the collar still ends up flopping. So stop it with the ironing already and just get a pair of the Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays.

Not only will they help keep your collar looking crisp and polished, they can also be used as a thread cutter, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver. Think how handy it’s going to become, especially since you probably won’t be carrying any of the aforementioned items separately while you’re at some formal event, will you?

Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays

The Exuvius Collar Stay does more than just keep your collar in place. This indispensable gadget provides four more features that are extremely useful in your everyday life.
A built in bottle opener keeps the party flowing smoothly while opposing half-phillips and slot-tipped drivers can tighten even the loosest screw. A sharpened edge helps cut things loose so you can easily get rid of lose threads.
Be sure that this 100% titanium collar stay is the most useful tool you’ll ever have.

A set of 2 of these Titan Multi Tool Collar Stays costs $30, while 4 will set you back $50. Available online from the Yanko Design Designer Store. A set of 4 is also available for $50 with free shipping at Amazon.com.

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