Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays

Würkin Stiffs Polo Collar Stays

A couple days ago we posted about Magnetic Collar Stays that help keep your dress shirt collars looking sharp and crisp. Most of us get away without wearing formal wear very often, so we don’t need to worry about dress shirts most days. However, with business casual attire, many of us wear polo shirts all the time. The collars on polo shirts can wrinkle, curl up, or stick out, especially if you iron as good and as often as I do. The solution for perfect collars on polos is Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays.

While dress shirt collars have little pockets meant to hold collar stays, polo shirts don’t. This is fine because with Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays, you don’t need them. They have an adhesive backing that, after applying a little heat from a clothes iron, permanently adheres them to your shirt. They stay on for wash after wash, and your collar stays looking crisp and flat all day long. They even come with tiny super strong magnets that you can put in your shirt to hold your collar in perfect place.

Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays

Würkin Stiffs Polo Stays

Collars Curling? No more embarrassing meetings on the golf course or wherever else you find yourself sporting a polo shirt. Polo Stays are the only solution to this daily problem. Just peel Polo Stays off their clear liner and stick them to the underside of your collar… It’s your permanent solution!

Polo Stays also work on shirts without collar stay pockets!

They adhere themselves to your shirts’ fabric and hold-on throughout 30+ wash-and-dry cycles…without coming off!!!!

Polo Stays are available in sets of eight for $28 at WurkingStiffs.com. Don’t look sloppy (or let your child look unkempt at school) when these polo shirt collar stays can keep collars looking sharp even during a hot and humid day. Wurking Stiffs sent us a set of these to try out, and they are easy to attach and work great. They’re a quality product that is made in the USA.

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