Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend

Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend

So you’ve had some pretty tough luck in the dating world, but still won’t allow yourself to be dateless on Valentine’s Day. Why not Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend and let him be your date?

Knit Your Own Boyfriend

  • Make the boyfriend of your dreams! Create the perfect boyfriend with this ‘Knit Your Own’ kit.
  • Using the needles and yarn, simply follow the instructions to create a soft and cuddly handsome young chap.
  • He’s a great listener, he’s loyal, and he’ll accompany you anywhere you go – he doesn’t even complain about shopping! Show him off at home or in the office and make all your friends jealous!

Sometimes you just can’t wait for the stars to align and must decide to take matters into your own hands. What better way than to create your perfect beau from scratch, channeling your love into someone who will never disappoint. He likes whatever resto you like, lets you pay once in a while, loves romantic comedies and watching episodes of “The Bachelor.” Not that he wants to be one or anything… He’s no player.

If you’ve never learned to knit, this is a great way to start. While you’re knitting him, you can skip the short talk and tell him your deepest feelings, problems, ask him if your outfit makes you look fat. That’s probably the only question he won’t say yes to. Train him well so that he really gets to know you and what you expect of him.

Knit the perfect expression on his face; one that you can’t ever be mad at. The demo doll has nice hair and broad shoulders, but if you’re crafty enough you could probably alter yours to become your ideal type of guy.

Don’t wait for fate and destiny. Purchase the Knit Your Own Perfect Boyfriend kit on I Want One of Those for £9.99, or on Amazon for $7.99. The Boyfriend Pillow is also essential for when you need to put your arms around someone.

After you get the hang of the knitting needles, then you can start knitting all sorts of wondrous accessories that may one day wind up on GeekAlerts; such as Cthulhu Ski Masks, Dragon Scarves, and super practical things such as Headphone Earmuffs.

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