Knitted Dragon Scarf

Knitted Dragon Scarf

It’s definitely time to start stocking up on new items to spruce up your winter wardrobe. Where to begin? Well, how about the Beer Holding Sweatshirt, Pac-Man Snuggie, Texting Gloves, and this lovely Knitted Dragon Scarf.

Knitted Dragon Scarf

This dragon scarf was knit using a richly textured blue variegated yarn (98% acrylic, 2% polyester) with a 100% acrylic fern green yarn for the spikes. The main yarn is soft and warm – no scratchiness around your neck. The scarf is 60” long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. The flame tassel adds another 9” to its length. It is 6.75” wide at its widest point (the “shoulders”) and approximately 5.5” through the body (which is the part that will be around your neck). The eyes are firmly attached with a safety lock metal washer (don’t they make him look fierce?).

I’m pretty much convinced that this is the most amazing scarf ever. The dragon’s reptilian eyes are mesmerizing, while its flame-colored tassels coming out of the nostrils awaken the imagination. Green spikes knitted from the dragon’s head all the way to its pointed tail ensure that you look good coming and going. And finally, this dragon is surprisingly soft, not scaly and itchy as one might expect.

If you can’t stand the cold then wrap a fire-breathing dragon around your neck. Genius! You can order this magical blue Knitted Dragon Scarf with green scales at for $25. But if you’re more of a red dragon type of person or have a thing for dark green dragons, the vendor also sells red and green dragon scarves along with ones that have dragon-colored yarnage.

Yep, geeks have come a long way in fashion since the stereotypical pocket protectors and taped up horned-rimmed glasses. What a misrepresentation.


  1. That’s a cute scarf! I love it’s color and everything about it. I’m sure this will be a hit fashion statement. New style, really brilliant! Thanks!

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