Human Centipede Scarf

Human Centipede Scarf

The movie Human Centipede was one of the grossest movies I’ve ever seen, not to mention weird and twisted. I would kind of get freaked out every time I heard a sudden sound in the house whenever I was alone. So why anyone would ever want a frequent reminder of the movie beats me, but that’s what you get with the Human Centipede Scarf.

The Human Centipede Scarf is basically several human shapes crouching together connected on their ends, with a double red line going through all of them, maybe to represent the “connections” between them, if you know what I mean? It’s pretty expensive for a scarf though, as each is priced at $119.

Original Crochet Human Centipede Scarf

Human Centipede Scarf

Made from soft acrylic yarn, this cutout style scarf is stylish and has a unique and twisted theme. Made with 12 tiny doll shapes and a hand embroidered digestion tract, in honor of the movie’s sequel.

The Human Centipede Scarf is available from Knotty Fingers’ shop on Etsy for $119.

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  1. omgee, this is pretty awesome. I am a huge gore horror movie buff, I would absolutely rock this. Would you be willing to sell a pattern if you have one written?

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