Scalemail Dragonhide Armor Bracers

Scalemail Knitted Dragonhide Red and Black Armor Bracers

If you liked the handmade DnD Dragon Dice Bag we had on GA earlier this year, you’re also going to like these matching Scalemail Dragonhide Armor Bracers.

This decorative arm gear has a lot going for it. The style could be described as a mix of Dungeons and Dragons, Vikings, and edgy rocker chic. Wear these bracers on Halloween, to geeky gatherings, rock concerts, or even to the prom. Don’t forget to paint your nails to match. Since they are such a unique accessory, be prepared to answer questions from the general public such as, “What are those?” and “Where did you get them?” and “Are they comfy?” (Yes.) and “Can I try them on?”

Scalemail Armor Dragonhide Bracers

Arm yourself with these intimidating scale mail bracers of knitted Dragonhide armor. Dragonhide: the look of scale maille but with handknitted comfort, flexibility and warmth. The matte black and shiny red anodized aluminum scales are knitted in an overlapping pattern that covers the forearm, pointing toward the fingers. The bracers curve lower in the front at the bottom. Sturdy black acrylic yarn forms the base of these gauntlets. The palm is scale free for comfort. The thumb holes allow this to be worn over the hand, or ignore the thumbholes and wear it higher on the wrist.

The Scalemail Armor Bracers can be found on for $70 US.

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