1-Inch Armor Plated iPhone Case

1-Inch Armor Plating Case for iPhone

If you’re really serious about keeping your precious iPhone in one piece, you can’t get much more secure than the 1-Inch Armor Plated iPhone Case; unless of course you want to put your iPhone in a safe, which will make using it a little difficult.

The case, which looks a little like a tank without wheels or a gun turret, will supposedly withstand a 50-caliber slug, so it could pull double-duty and actually protect you as well if you could manage to keep the phone in your shirt pocket (and basically over your heart). Unfortunately, you’ll need to find a shirt that’s as stout as this case because it weighs about 5 pounds… which also means you’ll be one sad puppy if you accidentally drop the phone on your foot. You’ll also have some weighty incentive to keep your calls short, unless you plan on two-handing this hefty beast.

While you usually can’t combine the traits of pretty and tough, you can choose to get the armor-plated case in either black or white, which allows a little style expression.

1-Inch Armor Plated iPhone Case

1-Inch Armor Plating Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

  • Size: 138 x 81.8 x 39.6mm (5.4 x 3.2 x 1.6″)
  • Suitable for iPhone 4 / 4S
  • Weight: 2.1 kg (74 oz)
  • Versions: black or white
  • Includes front cover, steel armor plating, M4 cap bolts x 4, wrench, lens
  • Please treat this cover with care.
  • Phone functionality not 100% guaranteed if case is shot or heavily damaged
  • Please handle carefully as it could cause harm if dropped on your foot etc.

You can make sure your iPhone 4 / 4s never gets another scratch or chip again with the 1-Inch Armor Plating Case for iPhone 4 / 4S at Japan Trend Shop for $793.

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