1-Inch Armor Plated iPhone Case

If you’re really serious about keeping your precious iPhone in one piece, you can’t get much more secure than the 1-Inch Armor Plated iPhone Case; unless of course you want to put your iPhone in a safe, which will make using it a little difficult. […]

Lifeproof iPhone Case

Lifeproof for iPhone

Life happens, and sometimes it’s a sad thing when it happens to our beloved iPhone because awesome gadgets and real life don’t always play well together. However, Lifeproof for iPhone makes sure you’re ready for anything and everything the day (or night) might throw at […]


Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone Sport Case

GeekAlerts introduced you to the world of Optrix iPhone Sport Cases about a year ago and now they have a new project that is looking for funding on Kickstarter. The Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone Sport Case features a 175 Degree Wide-Angle Lens with a military grade, […]

GunnerCase for iPhone 4S/4

GunnerCase for iPhone

You might want to invest in a tough and sturdy case if you’re the clumsy type who drops his or her iPhone a lot. True, Apple might have built it to last, but I’m not sure how it’s going to if you constantly and consistently […]