G-Form Reverse Ballistic Edge & Extreme Hydro iPad Sleeves

G-Form Reverse Ballistic Edge iPad Sleeve

GeekAlerts has shown you the ultra-tough G-Form Portfolio Cases in the past and now they are introducing the G-Form Reverse Ballistic Edge & Extreme Hydro iPad Sleeves. Perfect for the person on the go or the college student that always seems to be dropping things, these sleeves are from the same company that recently demonstrated how its molecular-changing reactive protection technology (RPT) could protect an iPad from a drop of over 100,000 feet, so you know these sleeves are tough.

These two stealth black sleeves offer that same level of protection and have their own public demonstration to prove it…with an iPad inside, they were dropped from over 35 feet onto a parking lot and kept on working. Both sleeves are 100 percent designed, built and packaged in the USA and offer impact absorption to safeguard your tablet while on the go.

Extreme Hydro iPad Sleeve

“Our technology is unique in that it doesn’t require thickness to absorb impact,” said Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations, G-Form. “Our unique composites are soft and flexible until the moment of impact at which point they momentarily stiffen – changing molecular structure while at the same time absorbing over 90% of impact force. While many people are familiar with athletes in almost any extreme sport wearing our G-Form bright yellow extoskeletal compression gear, or with the very distinctive look of our existing electronics protection,
these new iPad cases use the identical proprietary impact technology in a design that doesn’t call too much attention to itself,” continued Cafaro.

You can purchase the new G-Form Reverse Ballistic Edge & Extreme Hydro iPad Sleeves at Best Buy with prices starting at $39.99 and look for them at Amazon.com as well.

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