Lifeproof for iPhone

Lifeproof iPhone Case

Life happens, and sometimes it’s a sad thing when it happens to our beloved iPhone because awesome gadgets and real life don’t always play well together. However, Lifeproof for iPhone makes sure you’re ready for anything and everything the day (or night) might throw at you.

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone cases, from the wild Calligraphic Leopard iPhone Case to the sturdy iNox Stainless Steel iPhone Case, but Lifeproof adds protection to your iPhone while still letting you enjoy its sleek design… and that’s part of what makes your iPhone so cool, isn’t it?

Three years and $1.2 million spent on research and development have resulted in a tough case that can handle the hard knocks of life, with a double AR-coated optical glass that protects your camera lens and a tough, barely visible, clear film that takes away none of the touchscreen functionality. As if protecting that precious touchscreen wasn’t enough, the case also turns the back of your iPhone into a miniature subwoofer.

Waterproof iPhone case

The Lifeproof for iPhone is designed by the same people behind black-box flight recorder technology, and it has been tested to military specifications, so you can be sure your iPhone will be protected, even if you drop it, kick it, throw it, or take it for a swim with you. An optional Swimming Headphone Adapter even lets you use waterproof headphones to listen to your tunes while hanging out in (or under) the water, and the optional Arm Band lets you go hands-free with your iPhone.

Protect your phone from life itself with Lifeproof for iPhone for $93.09 from

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