AnyGlove Touchscreen Solution

AnyGlove Touchscreen Solution

With tablets and ereaders popping up all over the place, it’s obvious we now live in a touchscreen world, and AnyGlove Touchscreen Solution will make sure your digits don’t get frostbite when a cold wind blows through that world.

There are plenty of touchscreen-friendly gloves on the market, like the Touchscreen Ski Gloves and Touchscreen Sport Gloves, but what happens if you already have a pair of gloves that are near-and-dear to your heart? Will you be forced to leave your beloved hand-covers behind? No, because just a couple of drops of this wonder liquid will make the fingertips of any glove play nice with the touchscreen.

AnyGlove Touchscreen Solution

  • Adhesive solution that lets any material function with touchscreen technology
  • Easily application and reapplication (where necessary)
  • Works on almost any kind of glove
  • Bottle contains approximately 550 drops – enough to treat multiple pairs
  • Measures approximately 4cm(D) x 4cm(W) x 9cm(H)
  • Contains approximately 15ml

Make sure you, and not your touchscreen, stays in control of your hand wardrobe choices. AnyGlove Touchscreen Solution is available for $30.29 at

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  1. This is a pretty nifty idea! I was wondering about the same kind of solution for the harsh, cold winters of Edmonton, Alberta. Heck, even when I go snowboarding to “warmer” areas! I was just about to switch to the new Samsung Galaxy S4 because they announced that their screen works even with mittens on. But this might extend the life of my S3 for just a little bit longer. I’ll give a try, thanks for the tip!

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