Darkfin Gloves

Darkfin Gloves

Imagine swimming laps and leaving Michael Phelps in your wake! While that might be somewhat of an exaggeration, these Darkfin Gloves provide a 70% increase in the surface area of your hands, which provides a major boost to your speed through the water. They are ideal for all sorts of water sports including swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. Even though they are all about functionality, durability, and flexibility, the looks of these Darkfin water gloves is so striking they would make a great accessory for various aquatic Halloween costumes.

Darkfin Swim Gloves

As you can see, these ultra-durable contoured latex gloves feature webbing between the fingers. Think of them as high tech flippers for your hands. Failing that think of them as rubber gloves that make you look like Abe Sapien from Hellboy. By increasing the surface area of your hands by up to 70% Darkfins create greater resistance, thus allowing you to propel yourself through the water faster and more efficiently. The difference is truly amazing.

Available in various sizes, Darkfin Gloves are great for doggie-paddling kids, keen swimmers, avid surfers and serious divers alike. And because the ludicrously hard-wearing latex is ultra thin, your manual dexterity will be unaffected. So go on, swim like a fish.

Darkfin Water Gloves

Darkfin Dive Gloves

  • Durable latex rubber – No stitching to come out, no strap to come off
  • Contoured Fit – Keeps your hand in a relaxed state
  • Awesome dexterity – Second only to bare hands
  • Rear Webbed Design – Increase surface area by 70%
  • Superior Grip – No slip surface
  • Flexibility – You can handle even the smallest items

Darkfin Dive Gloves

Darkfin Glove Benefits

  • With 12 sizes to choose from and the new contoured shape, Darkfin gloves fit great!
  • Darkfin gloves are tough as nails and with a little care it might out last your wet suit.
  • Light weight rubber does not absorb water and become heavy
  • Tread water easier using less energy
  • Builds upper body strength
  • Easy to care for, rinse them off and throw them back in the original UV protective bag.

Pre-order Darkfin Gloves for £21.99 at Firebox.com. They are also available right now direct from DarkfinGloves.com for shipping anywhere in the world.


  1. I want a pair of Dark Fin Gloves is very helpful for swimming, increase your speed and providing 70% more surface area.

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