Aqua Tek S – Rugged Waterproof Solar Powered Battery-Boosting iPhone 4/4S Case

As anyone with an iPhone can attest, the iPhone does just about everything and new apps are being created every day. The only real issue for active people is durability. The iPhone looks great and the sleek design is perfect for nights out on town, but what about when you head out on a camping trip or mountain biking expedition? In times like those, you need durability and dependability and that’s where the Aqua Tek S – Rugged Waterproof Solar Powered Battery-Boosting iPhone 4/4S Case comes in to play.

As the title states, this case can do just about everything the active outdoorsman could ask of it. This is the first ever battery powered, solar charged, rugged underwater iPhone 4/4S case and it is available as a Kickstarter program. The Aqua Tek S allows you enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about battery life since a built in battery and solar charger supply plenty of extra power.

The case features a top loading lid that fully protects the iPhone, while providing access to the camera, volume buttons, speakers and Multi-touch display. It is waterproof up to 20 feet and the outer shell is made from tough Poly-carbonate materials with rubber grips to withstand drops, falls and accidental spills.

Aqua Tek S iPhone Case

“The iPhone is a great device but is too fragile to withstand the rigors of the outdoor enthusiast,” said Andreas Haase, who is part of the AQUA TEK S development team. “With AQUA TEK S take your iPhone to places where no iPhone has gone before, this is the perfect solution for rock climbers, river rafters and beach bums alike.”

  • Waterproof and dirt resistant design protects your iPhone 4/4S from outdoor elements
  • Poly-Carbonate, ruggedized casing withstands drops, falls and spills
  • Lio Polymer Battery and solar charger keeps iPhone powered so users can hike, ski, camp and play longer
  • Secures and protects the iPhone 4/4S while leaving access to the phones camera, volume buttons, speakers and Multi-touch display
  • Easily charge and sync the iPhone in the AQUA TEK S by opening the thumb screw and attaching a micro USB to the connector
  • For Kickstarter Pledges you will receive one or more of these with serial number in these 3 colors. Signal Orange, Black Night, or Urban Camo.

The Aqua Tek S Case will retail for $129.99 and with a pledge of $100, you have the chance to receive one of the first cases in signal orange, black night and urban camo. Watch the video to learn more and go to Kickstarter to make a pledge.

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  1. Awesome product on the surface, and speaking of, it appears the solar cell scratches easily. You can see that on the product’s specifications page on

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