Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver

Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver

You could be bending down to pick something up off the ground and have your mobile phone just shoot out of your breast pocket and into a puddle of water. You could be in the comfort room doing your thing when your iPod just slides out of your pocket and into the toilet bowl. We hear about it a lot, because accidents like these happen, even to the best of us. Luckily, there’s the Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver to save the day–and your device.

It would be a good idea to stow away one or two of these phone savers in your car, bag, office, or wherever, in case of emergency. That way, you could just pop your damp mobile into the pack straight away, sooner rather than later.

Aqua Mobile Phone Saver

Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver

Dropped your mobile in your drink? Or perhaps it’s fallen overboard? Well don’t panic. With the Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver there’s a chance you can rescue your precious gadget – and the data inside. With a near 100% success rate, this new technology can draw moisture out of the darkest depths of your electronic devices.

So if the unthinkable should happen and your electronic gadget gets wet, turn it off straight away, dry it with a towel and then pop it into this zip-lock bag. Depending on the water damage the Aqua Off can take anything from 4 to 72 hours (follow the instructions), but it will steadily wick away moisture while your device is sealed inside.

The Aqua Off Mobile Phone Saver is available from Firebox for £14.99.

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