Aqua Zinger

Aqua Zinger

Does plain-old drinking water do nothing for ya? Well, you’re not alone. With every problem comes a brilliant solution and the antidote to boring water is the tooty-fruity Aqua Zinger.

The Aqua Zinger is a sleek water bottle equipped with a built-in fruit infuser that functions much like a blender. You get to choose what kind of fruits to flavor your water with, and then you get to send them to the miniature fruit slaughter house. What you’re left with is fruity-tasting water minus the pulp and sugary stuff. This is ideal for those who have a texture problem and would prefer that pulp be left in the fiction section.

Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker

Aqua Zinger

  • Infuses water with the juice and essence of fresh fruits
  • Leak-proof cap lets you Zing on the go
  • Extra-deep, bottom-mounted grinder retains the pulp
  • Wide-mouth top makes it easy to top your drink off with ice
  • Double-walled, stainless steel bottle keeps your drink and ingredients insulated
  • Finger hole carrying handle at top for easy transport
  • Cushioned, rubber base prevents slipping and sliding on your table or desktop
  • Safe to use with hot and cold liquids
  • Easy-to-clean components are made from recyclable BPA/EA free plastic
  • Measures approximately 8cm(D) x 25cm(H)
  • Contains approximately 830ml

The bottle’s design is great for clumsy geeks who can’t seem to get a grip on slippery things. The top rubber cap has wide finger holes that makes grabbing on-the-go easy. You could also clip the Aqua Zinger onto your backpack and free up some room for other healthy snacks.

As much as we love junk food, we know that it’s important to get our vitamin F’s from fresh fruits and not from Froot Loops. Hot tea would taste even more delicious with fruits and drinking refreshing, fruity water will have you thinking you’re at the spa.

The Aqua Zinger is new to for £24.99 and is also available at in Blue, Grey, Green and Pink for $24.99.

Speaking of healthy snacks, pack fresh fruits and veggies in the Reusable To Go Lunch Cup or take it from the Japanese and try out this ultra-special Fruit Juicer toy.

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