Neff Lumberjack Knit Hat with Removable Beard

Neff Lumberjack Knit Hat with Removable Beard

If you loved The Original Beard Hat then meet its first cousin once removed, the Neff Lumberjack Knit Hat with Removable Beard.

This facial contraption gives macho beaus a more defined, angular chin compared to the Original Beard Hat, which has more of a rounded beard. Wearing a bearded hat is the best way to experience the benefits or drawbacks of having a full beard and mustache without the hassle of naturally grow one to find out.

“I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay…” Singing Monty Python’s classic isn’t required while wearing this nifty knit hat, but it’s definitely recommended. A rich, burgundy beanie with attached deep brown knit beard, this is our wintertime staple. Not only does it keep your head warm, but your face will stay cozy even when the cold winds blow. A great choice for ladies and fellas alike. Beard is easily removable with buttons on each side, just in case you need a clean shaven look. Acrylic. One size.

What I like about the lumberjack hat is that it gives the mouth the freedom to talk and breath, and meanwhile keeps about two-thirds of the face warm. The beard would be comfortable to wear during mountain sports like snowboarding and skiing compared to wearing an average ski mask that covers the mouth and nose completely. Since the beard is removable, you can take it off as desired while still keeping your head toasty-warm.

The Neff Lumberjack Knit Hat with Removable Beard is $38 at

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