Ultra Mini Helicopter (Video)

Ultra Mini Helicopter

We all know that minimalism is big thing these days, but flying around in a tiny helicopter like this might just be a little more than the minimalist in some of us can handle. Here’s a video clip of the ultra mini helicopter:

Would you be willing take a tour in something like that?

(Dvorak Uncensored via Dvice via Geekologie)

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

18 Responses to “Ultra Mini Helicopter (Video)”

  1. Oh man I have GOT to have one of these. Do you have to have a license to fly it? LoL. Can you imagine how many pizzas the pizza guy could deliver in one night with one of these? That is too cool. Great website BTW. Good job guys!

  2. Oh wait a minute. After watching the video I’m not so sure about that. Forget about putting an eye out! Someone could get their head lobbed off with that thing! Danger Will Robinson! Did they deign that in Mexico? I noticed they were speaking Spanish (I think).

  3. Yes, it sure looks cool…but also very dangerous.

    I’m not sure where it’s made. Anyone else who knows?

  4. I think we’d all love to try on of these out. They look amazingly fun and entertaining, but we could imagine how many injuries would occur- and surly this little thing isn’t robust enough in windy areas or high altitude?

  5. No, my guess is that it would be very dangerous to use it in windy areas or at a high altitude.

  6. HEY!BRAVO DID IT HURT YOUR HEAD.good job guys.good design.but its still dangerous to envirnronment as well as to men.try again.

  7. excellent stuff ….you can’t hurt if you know what your doing.. this is truly man’s ultimate conquest!!…keep em flying

  8. where can I buy this heli, is there a saling site

  9. The Germans did it who else!
    ….They speak german in the video.

  10. Anyon know where I can purchase plans for this thing?

  11. please send me electronics project design or circuit!

  12. Sir i wand Helicaptor technic please

  13. Où peut-on se procurer cet appareil?

  14. i really was looking for that i want to know how do it made and how do it work and how i can get one

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