1. Oh man I have GOT to have one of these. Do you have to have a license to fly it? LoL. Can you imagine how many pizzas the pizza guy could deliver in one night with one of these? That is too cool. Great website BTW. Good job guys!

  2. Oh wait a minute. After watching the video I’m not so sure about that. Forget about putting an eye out! Someone could get their head lobbed off with that thing! Danger Will Robinson! Did they deign that in Mexico? I noticed they were speaking Spanish (I think).

  3. I think we’d all love to try on of these out. They look amazingly fun and entertaining, but we could imagine how many injuries would occur- and surly this little thing isn’t robust enough in windy areas or high altitude?

  4. HEY!BRAVO DID IT HURT YOUR HEAD.good job guys.good design.but its still dangerous to envirnronment as well as to men.try again.

  5. It cost you 35,000 for the kit, I’m thinking it’s a good deal! It runs on regular gasoline, it reaches almost 200 mph. The only problem I see is being in the elements, no difference to a motorcycle I guess

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