Limited Edition Jubilee Commemorative Solar Queen

Kikkerland Jubilee Commemorative Limited Edition Solar Queen

Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II for her 60-year reign on the British throne. In honor of her service, Kikkerland has created a Limited Edition Jubilee Commemorative Solar Queen that waves when her purse is activated by light, just in time for the queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Unique features on this particular solar queen toy are her ‘diamond’ broach, tiara, and the lilac color of her dress. There have been other versions of solar-powered Queen Elizabeth released by Kikkerland, but those models aren’t nearly as decorated and elegant as this one.

Limited Edition Jubilee Commemorative Solar Queen

  • Commemorative limited edition solar queen in a lilac dress with crown and broach
  • Solar panel on the top of queen’s handbag powers the royal hand wave
  • Ingenious tribute to the Queen of England
  • Discreet wave with a gentle move of her wrist
  • Measures 6-1/4-inch tall

The queen’s hand waves just like her majesty’s does in real life. Let the queen greet passers-by from the top of your dashboard, at your desk, or in your front window. It’ll be good, clean, royal fun to see how many people will smile and wave back at her.

The Limited Edition Jubilee Commemorative Solar Queen is from $17.80 on and from £12.95 at

Will and Kate fans may enjoy sipping tea made from Kate and William Tea Bags, or perhaps collecting the Barbie Royal Wedding Will and Kate Set.

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  1. I put it on my dashboard of my car. She takes away the pain of morning traffic for everyone with her friendly wave. It’s hillarious!

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