LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol

LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol 7595

Three awesome toy franchises combine in the LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol, offering up plenty of fun for those that like LEGO, Toy Story, and the classic green army men.

The Toy Story movies entertained both kids and adults but it was probably the grown-ups that got the biggest kick from seeing the animated army men go into action. Of course that introduced the little dudes to a whole new generation, and putting the LEGO spin on them only makes them more lovable. Hmmm. Can ‘lovable’ be used to describe people dressed in army fatigues that are carrying firearms? In this case, I think so.

LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol

LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol

  • Four minifigures: One carrying a gun, one doctor with a medical case, one with a metal detector, and one with a walky-talky and back pack
  • Buildable green army jeep, complete with spare tire
  • A medical stretcher is also included
  • Great addition to other Toy Story sets
  • Contains 90 pieces

LEGO Toy Story Army Men

Secure the perimeter and leave no toy behind with the LEGO Toy Story Army Men on Patrol set. Available at for $12.99 and at for $25.

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