Feather Pen and Quill Set

Feather Pen and Quill Set
I have always been fascinated with the feather pens that people from the olden times used to write with. I think what makes the thought more romantic, in a sense, is because it’s what people from the Victorian era are portrayed as using in paintings and other art. You don’t see Shakespeare bending over backwards using a ballpoint pen, do you? This is why I find the Feather Pen and Quill Set such a lovely gift and keepsake to have.

And it’s not one of those fake quill pens that are sneakily fitted with a ballpoint tip at the end. This is the real thing and it also comes with a crimson-colored ink to give more veracity and color to your handwritten letters and notes.

Feather Pen and Quill Set

The Feather Pen Set includes the following items:

  • Quill Feather Pen
  • Wood Pen
  • Metal nibs (a total of 7)
  • Vial of burnt sienna ink (.71 fl. oz; 21 mL)
  • Gift / storage box

Feather Pen and Quill Set

Feather Pen and Quill Set

  • Dimensions (gift box): 10″ x 3.375″ x 2.5″
  • Dimensions (feather): 9″ (approximate)
  • Dimensions (wood pen): 5.5″ x 0.375″
  • Ink capacity: 0.71 fl oz (21 mL)
  • Ink color: burnt sienna
  • Includes 7 metal nibs
  • Transforms everything you write into pure awesome

The Feather Pen and Quill Set is available from Vat19 for $15.95.

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  1. That’s so awesome!! It’d be more fun that biros anyway!

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