Manga Post It Notes

Selifusen Manga Post It Notes

How could we live without Post Its? They’re awesome to have when writing down quick messages, phone numbers, reminders, to-do lists, and they act as great bookmarks. But these Selifusen Manga Post It Notes are meant for adding dramatic speech and expression bubbles to photos or posters that need a touch of classy Japanimation.

Some geeks are not always good with social skills. (Hence the onslaught of social networking?) If you’re one of these, you’ve got to make up for what is lacking by using visual tools and resources. Writing your thoughts down on manga-styled speech bubbles is more effective for adding an element of surprise and excitement, compared to the effect you’d have with an average, pale-yellow Post It.

Manga Post It Notes

Maybe you’d like to ask someone out on a romantic date to see X-Men or Green Lantern. Make an inquiry by mysteriously sticking a manga post it in that special someone’s vicinity; the desk, coffee mug, or anywhere he/she frequents. You might hit it off from the start with a common love of comic books to boot.

Or if you just like being a clown, it’s fun to stick speech bubbles in unexpected places, like the old “wash me” on dirty cars, or “You’re fired” on a Donald Trump image. Some punks around here wrote “Hammertime” under the “STOP” letters of a couple stop signs, and I couldn’t stop laughing for about a week. They graffitied it, though, which wasn’t nice. But had they’d known about the manga post-its, they might’ve made a wiser, more comical choice.

Selifusen Manga Post It Notes

  • Manga comic-inspired post it notes
  • Set contains THREE blank post it note blocks, each with 40 pieces of paper
  • Types: speech bubble (TWO) and sound effect (ONE)
  • Size: c.80 x 4 x 110mm (3.1 x 0.2 x 4.3″)
  • Made in Japan

Through the Japan Trend Shop, you can buy the Selifusen Manga Post It Notes for $25 for three blocks with 40 sheets each; two of them speech bubbles, the other bubble is for sound effects.

For more geeky stationary, you’ll like the Rubik’s Cube Notepad, which gets a 10 in aesthetics.

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