Tekno Black Light Bubbles

Tekno Black Light Bubbles

Kids love bubbles. There’s nothing more fun for a young kid than blowing bubbles and watching them gently float away on a breeze. The only way that bubbles could get better is if they glowed in the dark. And now with Tekno Black Light Bubbles, they do.

Turn the music up, turn the black light on and get the party started as hundreds of blue or gold glow in the dark bubbles fly around you. Just mix the Tekno Bubbles formula into one gallon of compatible bubble fluid. After that just make bubbles.

Black Light Bubbles

Tekno Bubbles contain special patented compounds with molecules that emit visible light after absorbing light from an ultraviolet source. When the ultraviolet photons enter fluorescent molecules, some of the light’s energy causes the molecules to vibrate. When the light re-emerges, it has less energy and is now within the spectrum of visible light, which in turn causes Tekno Bubbles to glow in either blue or gold.

  • Super cool bubbles that glow under black light
  • Black Light Bubble Maker

  • Used at amusement parks, haunted houses, parties, clubs, and by performance artists
  • Turn off lights, turn on black light, blow glowing bubbles
  • Teach your wee geeks about UV and fluorescence the fun way
  • Throw an amazing party with Rock Band and glowing bubbles

Only $3.99 each from Thinkgeek. This one is fun for kids and adults.

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