Animal World
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Animal World Official Trailers

Watch the Animal World Official Trailers for a preview of this really weird but cool looking Chinese movie. At first blush it may appear to be a Chinese Deadpool ripoff with a dual katana wielding clown in some frenzied fight scenes, but Animal World is […]


Star Wars Manga Hoodie

Manga the Force be with you with the Star Wars Manga Hoodie. If you missed this stylish hoodie the first time around, now’s the time to use your Jedi powers to make it yours. Designed by Bonnie Burton, this black hoodie features a Japanese anime […]


Manga Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, known as England’s national poet and the Bard of Avon, is also known as the bane of English class for many students, but Manga Shakespeare makes the poet and writer cool, blending his classic tales with eye-catching art and a modern Manga twist. […]

The Manga Cookbook

The Manga Cookbook

To many people, cooking is a huge chore. Ingredients preparation takes a lot of time, and although the cooking process itself isn’t exactly exhausting, clean-up is. So if you know anyone who doesn’t really like cooking but loves manga, then getting them a copy of […]

Selifusen Manga Post It Notes

Manga Post It Notes

How could we live without Post Its? They’re awesome to have when writing down quick messages, phone numbers, reminders, to-do lists, and they act as great bookmarks. But these Selifusen Manga Post It Notes are meant for adding dramatic speech and expression bubbles to photos or posters that need a touch of classy Japanimation.