Duff Energy Drink

Duff Energy Drink

Any fan of The Simpsons knows of Duff Beer. While you can’t pop in to Moe’s Tavern for a cold Duff, visit the Duff Gardens amusement park, or watch Duffman push the beverage at a ballgame, you can enjoy a tasty Duff Energy Drink. Although it’s sold in cans that looks just like the Duff beer cans from the world-famous cartoon, Duff Energy Drink actually contains no alcohol. Instead, this Simpson’s collectible is an orange flavored energy drink.

Duff Energy Drink isn’t the only geek-tastic energy drink out there. You’ll also want to check out Happy Bunny Spaz Juice, Star Trek Romulan Ale, and Tiger Blood Energy Drink.

Duff Beer Energy Drink

Say hello to your new Drink! You’ll be drinking Duff all day and night. From Moe’s Tavern to the couch, you’re set for life. Maybe you and Homer can grab a Donut at the Quickie Mart or perhaps join Mr. Burns for a pancake at the Pancake House over a crisp, cool Duff. Just get back in time to pick Bart up from detention and drop Lisa off at saxophone practice.

Order Duff Energy Drink for $2.79 a 12 ounce can at Stupid.com. It is also available at Neatoshop.com and Amazon.com.

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  1. I am a big fan if this energy drinks. In parties very time I ordered only this drink.

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