The Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1 Blind Box

Kidrobot Simpsons Mini Figures

There are few better thrills in life than opening up a package while not knowing exactly what’s inside of it. That’s why we still bother wrapping up gifts, why many people refuse to find out the sex of their babies, and why Happy Meal toys are still the  absolute shiznit. Combine this prolific element of surprise with the longest running American cartoon series and sitcom of all time and what do you get? Magic. Attention all you Simpsons fans. Collect all of the 24 possible Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1 characters and indulge in the blind box suspense. Hopefully you won’t get unlucky and unwrap 24 of the same ones.

Whether it’s Itchy, Scratchy, Krusty the Clown, Apu, Ned or any of the Simpsons brood, you win every time you rip open your shiny foil package. Every plastic character also comes with a mystery accessory to sweeten the pot. Plus, there are three rare, totally undisclosed characters that you can get. Imagine who it could be out of all the possible characters from Series 1. All this is brought to you by the designer geek toy manufacturer, Kidrobot, and Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1

Product Features

  • 24 figures to collect including 3x rare “chase” figures
  • Each figure comes with it’s own accessory and insert card
  • Made from vinyl plastic
  • Each figure measures approximately 7cm (2.8″) tall although this depends on which figure you get of course
  • Each figure is blind packed in foil so we can’t tell you which figure you’ll get

One Simpsons Mini Figures Series 1 Blind Box is £7.99, or approximately €9/$13US at You can also find them at for $14.72 each.

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