Homer Simpson’s Voice for TomTom GPS Systems

Homer Simpson's Voice for TomTom GPS Systems

Doh! Recalculations. Let the world’s most competent father figure help you reach your final destination. Homer Simpson’s Voice for TomTom GPS Systems is a new feature that grants Homer the power to tell you where to go.

TomTom GPS Homer Simpson Voice

Directly from Springfield, America’s most popular Dad makes his way to TomTom devices. With the original Homer at your side, even the shortest drive will transform into a journey to remember.
You’ll see, driving with Homer is as easy as 1,2 … doh!

Typical GPS voices are robotic and score a negative-one on a 10-scale as far as personality goes. But with Homer navigating the road, you’ll go from zero to funny in less than 5 seconds. Getting lost is about as fun as chomping on gravel, but getting unlost with Home-boy will have you laughing all the way to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. You’ll forget the road rage with Homer Simpson at your side.

The Homer Simpson Voice Add-on for TomTom Devices is available for $12.95 (£7.95) at TomTom.com, where you can listen to a couple samples of Homer just being himself in GPS-mode.

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