Musical Wine Glasses

Musical Wine Glasses

They’re not goofy, battery-operated singing wine glasses as one might expect. They’re classy, crystal stemware that is subtly etched with lines, each of which is an exact musical note. With a few sets of Musical Wine Glasses, your dinner and wine gatherings will turn into glorified jam sessions, whether everyone’s glasses are half-empty or half-full.

Musical Wine Glasses

  • Set of glasses covers a full 12-note octave from A flat to G.
  • Made in Austria & Portugal from lead-free crystal.
  • Dishwasher safe.

To operate, you can do the classic wet the rim of the glass and drag your finger round and round trick (as seen in the photo). This is useful for playing lengthy whole notes. But if you want to play quick, staccato eighth notes, you can instead use a utensil to ding the side of the glass to make it chime. With either method, your glass will produce the note (A flat to G) at which your wine rests.

Musicians will love knowing what notes they’re playing on the glasses, since all the guesswork has been taken out. With the right people in the room, good music and good times are sure to follow.

The real challenge would be to get people to refrain from drinking their wine, which would risk ruining a good tune. No doubt at the end of the evening, everyone will be playing the same note…would that be an E flat for empty?

Get a few sets of Musical Wine Glasses to impress the wine/music buffs in your life. A set of two glasses is $45 at Uncommon Goods. However, they are expected to ship after January 27, 2012.

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  1. hi there,
    I really want to purchase a pair of musical wine glasses for my pal. do you ship to australia? if so how long does it take (on average).
    thanks for your time,
    cheers, katherine.

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