Red Cup Wine Glasses

Red Cup Wine Glasses

If you ever worry about feeling like a snob when you drink wine from your fancy-smancy wine glasses, you can always dial things down a notch with the Red Cup Wine Glasses.

Although they’re made of fine-quality ceramic, these glasses look just like the classic Solo plastic cups, making them a great bar addition for people that already have the Red Cup Ceramic Shot Glasses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sipping a red Merlot or a white Chardonnay, you’ll be guaranteed to not look like a wine snob when you’re drinking out of what appears to be a plastic cup mounted on a wine stem, and your sense of humor, combined with your refined taste in wine, could make you an instant hit with other wine connoisseurs that don’t want to take themselves too seriously.

The Red Cup Wine Glasses, which are about 8-inches tall and come as a set of two in the gift box, are available at

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