Homer Simpson Talking Shower Radio

Homer Simpson Talking Shower Radio

Maybe you read about the fun Homer AM/FM Radio ($30) that was featured over at Uber-Review a couple of days ago. It turns out that a similar radio is available in a bathroom version.

The Homer Simpson Talking Shower Radio ($40) is shaped like a colorful replica of Homer’s head, with volume and station tuning controlled by turning his eyes. Press Homer’s right ear and he will give you one of the six phrases, such as “That tickles!” and “Okay, quit admiring yourself and towel off.”

The water-resistent plastic AM/FM radio uses 3 x AAA batteries and is made to hang over the shower head.

The product is currently unavailable from the above Simpsons Shop, but can be ordered from Sale Stores ($11) or Shop.com ($24).

(Update: Links above were removed because the pages no longer exist. Please browse the latest The Simpsons Merchandise here on GeekAlerts.

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