Beanbag Chair for Cellphones

Cellphone Beanbag Chairs

Smart, sophisticated cellphones do so much for us humans these days and are nothing short of being our trusty personal assistants. They wake us up, organize our daily schedules, give us the weather forecast, help us when we’re lost, entertain us with shows, games and social networking, give us books and music, allow us to book flights, hail a taxi, order pizza, and even start our cars. It’s high time we reward our hard-working phones with some fringe benefits. Phones don’t care for sick leave, pension plans and stocks, but maybe they’d appreciate some posh corporate housing like the Beanbag Chair for Cellphones. It’s arguably the most stylish, comfortable abode your cellphone will ever have.

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

Not only is the beanbag chair cozy but it also provides support for your phone to stand upright and at your service, with the display screen facing you. Weighing only 1 oz., you won’t be burdened by the beanbag’s weight and size when you schlep it to different places.

Cell Phone Bean Bag


  • Nylon shell filled with styrofoam beads
  • 5 1/2 inches in diameter
  • A mere 1 oz

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

The Beanbag Chair for Cellphones can be found at in black, red and blue, priced at $9.99 each. For those in the UK, gives you the choice  of midnight black, plum purple or ocean blue Beanbag Chairs for £7.95 each. (Update: Links removed because the product is no longer available at Think Geek and the website closed down.)

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