Maximo Riera Octopus Chair

Maximo Riera Octopus Chair

If the Villain Office Chair was not nearly sinister enough for you, the Maximo Riera Octopus Chair is what you need to display your evil dominance. This frighteningly detailed chair alone will strike fear into the heart of anyone that dares to step foot into your lair. Menacing and foreboding, this Octopus chair isn’t for villains, it’s for super-villains. It just may be the most malevolent chair money can buy.

Octopus Chair Front

Designed by Maximo Riera, a Spanish artist, this chair is an incredibly detailed work of art. Overseeing a team of over 30 craftsmen, Riera ensures that each chair is hand-built to perfection. The result is a luxuriously upholstered leather chair, with a truly striking design.

Octopus Chair Side

This is the first chair you can buy in the series of animal chairs being designed by Maximo Riera. Look forward to Lion, Whale, Rhino, Walrus, and Beetle designs in the future.

Octopus Chair Back

Máximo Riera has been a practicing artist for over thirty years. Whilst predominantly working in photography, painting and sculpture, he has also published a collection of poetry. Inspired by his travel and experiences through Europe and the Caribbean Islands, Máximo’s vibrant use of colour and evocative attention to detail have been an inspiration which convey the meaning of his creations.

Octopus Chair Details

Each chair is hand-built by a team of over thirty professionals, overseen by Riera himself. The rich leather upholstery on the chair is incredibly comfortable. Plus, the seat on this lavish cephalopodian throne is one of the few places in the room where you’ll avoid the oversized octopod’s steely gaze. Comfortable and discomforting, at the same time? Absolutely!

Maximo Riera Octopus Chair

As part of a larger range of “animal chairs” by Riera, the Octopus Chair is being produced in very limited numbers. So catch this spectacular tentacular armchair now, before they’re gone for good. So long, suckers!

Maximo Riera Octopus Chair

Octopus Chair

  • Designed by Maximo Riera
  • Chair is upholstered in luxurious black leather
  • Tentacles extend to 1.5 meters behind the chair
  • The octopus sculpture is created from compressed foam sections that are then attached and painted by hand to create the intricate details
  • First in a series of animal-inspired chairs by the artist

Buy the Maximo Riera Octopus Chair and it will set you back a cool £35,000 ($57,750 or €39,550), but that’s nothing when you’re holding the world ransom for 100 billion dollars! Besides, it comes with free delivery!

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