tardis mug

Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

GeekAlerts has shown you the Doctor Who Disappearing Mug, but now here is the TARDIS Mug. The Doctor’s time-traveling ride is here to serve your coffee and other drinks in a style the Doctor himself would be proud of. Drink up, because you never know […]


Kelvin 23 Super Tool

Looking for that super gift for that super dad on Father’s Day? How about the Kelvin 23 Super Tool. This all in one tool makes for a perfect home or office multitool with its compact size and many functions. Keep it handy and it will get rid of […]

Cellphone Beanbag Chairs

Beanbag Chair for Cellphones

Smart, sophisticated cellphones do so much for us humans these days and are nothing short of being our trusty personal assistants. They wake us up, organize our daily schedules, give us the weather forecast, help us when we’re lost, entertain us with shows, games and social networking, give […]