Tiger Blood Winning Energy Drink

Tiger Blood Energy Drink

If you weren’t born with Adonis DNA and don’t have tiger blood coursing through your veins, you may feel like you aren’t special. It is even less likely that you feel you are a total bithin’ rock star from Mars. Don’t let defeat be an option. Recharge your energy with Tiger Blood Winning Energy Drink!

WINNING! This fun energy potion looks like tiger’s blood and is packaged in what looks like an IV bag. Fortunately it doesn’t taste like blood, as it is actually a delicious fruit punch flavor. Instead of getting a jolt of energy from banging 7 gram rocks, this Tiger Blood energy potion packs 80 mg of caffeine. Enough to give you some energy, but not strong enough to turn you into a warlock.

Tiger Blood Winning Energy Drink is available to pre-order for $3.99 at Urban Collector. It is expected to be released in May 2011. Update: Tiger Blood Energy Drink is currently available for $4 at Harcos Labs.

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