Futurama Slurm Energy Drink

Futurama Slurm Energy Drink

We’ve seen tons of cool energy drinks, such as Bawls, Superman, Happy Bunny Spaz Juice, and Star Trek Romulan Ale Star. We’ve even had a couple from another animated TV series: Flaming Moes and Duff Beer. Now comes the most addictive one of all, Futurama Slurm Energy Drink!

The Fry and the Slurm Factory episode of Futurama is actually way back from 1999, as it was the 13th episode of Futurama’s first season. Time flies when you’re having fun…

Futurama Slurm Energy Drink

It’s highly addictive!” Philip J. Fry’s favorite beverage, Slurm, can now be yours in this exciting energy drink! Straight from the Slurm Factory on Planet Wormulon, Slurm is the only soft drink for party worm Slurms McKenzie! Ride the wave – Get Slurm!

Futurama Slurm Energy Drink is available at Amazon.com for $24.99. (Apparently very little slurm energy drink is left, which is why prices are so high. Perhaps they will make more in the future, but collector’s will want to get a can now to save in case this is it.)

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